General FAQ:

Game-specific sensitivity conversions

Game crashes/won't start

The usual list of things I have people do to resolve these issues is:

  1. Try to validate data on Steam (right click game in library, properties, local files) just in case something was corrupted.
  2. Try running the game as administrator (some antivirus products mess with things and break it).
  3. Try installing a different graphics card driver version.

How to remove bullet holes

Go to Game Options -> Visuals -> and set "Decal Time" to 0

If you want to restore your game to default configuration there are three locations where the game stores those files.  Deleting any of the files is safe - the game will re-create them the next time you run it.

  1. %localappdata%\FPSAimTrainer\Saved\SaveGames\ has config.sav (most config settings), session.sav (the last scenario you played as well as a few minor config settings), and highscores.sav (a local copy of your high scores per-scenario).
  2. %localappdata%\FPSAimTrainer\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\ has input.ini which has your key bindings.
  3. <YourSteamLibrary>\SteamApps\common\FPSAimTrainer\FPSAimTrainer\Saved\SaveGames\ has weaponsettings.ini (which handles per-weapon configuration settings from the Game Options -> Weapons menu) and charactersettings.ini (which is the custom order of weapon slots from using the drag & drop hotbar).

Controller support

I haven't officially supported controllers yet, but it is something that is on my list to do.  I've been a mouse/keyboard FPS gamer for 25+ years, and I have only played a few FPSs on controller, so I wasn't confident in my ability to make it feel right.  I made the controller do a few things in game so that I could have a smooth turning camera for the sake of the gameplay trailer, so there are a few functions built in just for that, but I'm also automatically hiding any action binds that are set to controller which has made it hard on people trying to use controller (sorry, I really didn't expect people would try to use this game for controller!)
That said, here is a video that someone made to show how he set up his controller for my game.

Can't move Crosshair (Antivirus Sandbox)

There is a known issue with Comodo Antivirus (and perhaps others) where the game is sandboxed and prevented from accessing folders and privileges it needs to function properly.  Either run the game as administrator or whitelist the game on your your Antivirus' Sandbox.

Creating new scenarios

On the Steam Community Guides, I wrote up instructions on how to create scenarios.

Creating new maps

Maps in the FPS Aim Trainer use the same format that Reflex Arena uses - if you own Reflex, you can make maps that can be used in the FPS Aim Trainer too!  This 10 minute video tutorial shows the basics of using the in-game editor.  Note that some features of Reflex do not work in the Aim Trainer quite yet (such as teleporters, liquids, jump pads, and prefabs), but the basic geometry and spawns work exactly the same.  After you've created a .map file, just copy it directly to <YourSteamLibrary>\SteamApps\common\FPSAimTrainer\FPSAimTrainer\maps\ and it will show up in the menus to play.

One user, stral, also wrote up a guide on how to create maps without owning Reflex.

Palette modifications

The game's UI can be re-colored according to the contents of the palette.ini file contained in \SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\FPSAimTrainer\FPSAimTrainer\Saved\SaveGames\.  Reddit use /u/Goatturtle wrote up a guide explaining the full process here.

Game-specific sensitivity settings


Good news on a Fortnite update from December: the sensitivity you see in game is finally correct and Epic is no longer lying to you. (For years it was inaccurate)

So now if you take whatever value you have and divide by 100 then use it with "Fortnite Slider" as your setting, it will be correct.  E.g.: if you have 6.2% sens you use `0.062` and `Fortnite Slider`.  Or if you use 15.4%, you use `0.154` and `Fortnite Slider`.  No need for ClientSettings Editor or the Sens Matcher anymore.

Also, next patch for the aim trainer will have "Fortnite %" as the sensitivity option and you will be able to just type in the same value you have in FN's menus.

To use the Mouse Targeting Sensitivity (ADS) value, you have to play a scenario that has ADS enabled (not every scenario/weapon allows you to ADS, and this is by design).  So open up a scenario that lets you ADS (check out "Ascended Tracking v3", or "Tile Frenzy Mini", or "PatTargetSwitch"), and then go to Game Options -> Weapons -> "ADSable Hitscan Cone" (or whatever weapon is on your hotbar). Uncheck "Zoom Sens Auto Scale" and the raw sensitivity multiplier will be shown below.  Paste your Mouse Targeting Sensitivity value into that field. Just note that this is a per-weapon option, so you'll need to set it for any weapon you ADS with.


Hipfire sensitivity can be directly entered into the game by going to Game Options -> Main, and setting sensitivity to the same number you use in Overwatch, then putting the sensitivity scale dropdown to "Overwatch".

In order to get your zoom sensitivity to match, play a scenario where you can zoom in (such as Windowmaker Duel v2), then pause the game and go to Game Options -> Weapons -> "Spider Bullet" (the name of the weapon in your hotbar) and uncheck "Zoom Sens Auto-Scale".  Below it, "Zoom Sens Multiplier" will appear, and you can type in whatever multiplier you want.  If you use 38% in Overwatch, set it to 0.38 here, and it will match.

Apex Legends

Struth wrote up two excellent guides for how to get your Apex Legends ADS settings in the aim trainer.  The first guide is a more detailed step-by-step guide if you are less familiar with the game's options, and the second is a short/brief one if you already have a sense of what you are doing.

Rainbow Six Siege

Cynadote made a useful video guide explaining the process of getting your R6S scoped sensitivity into the aim trainer, along with a calculator to automate the process.

Other Games

In order to capture your sensitivity from other games, I recommend using sensitivity matcher script.  The guidance on that link can easily be used for capturing your hipfire sensitivity and converting it to another known game, but you can also use it to figure out what your sensitivity is while you are zoomed in.  

Example: You could capture your Overwatch hipfire sensitivity and find that your increment is 0.033 (.033 degrees per pixel of mouse movement), then capture your Overwatch Widowmaker ADS sensitivity and find that your increment is 0.01254 (0.01254 degrees per pixel of mouse movement).  Then 0.01254 ÷ 0.033 = 0.38.  You would then enter 0.38 as your zoom sensitivity multiplier.