In late 2015, Povohat and I proudly released the interception-based mouse accel driver.  It provides users with the ability to use mouse accel similar to the features that were available in QuakeLive, but across their entire OS and in any game.

In May 2020, Riot's Vanguard anticheat (for Valorant) also started blocking the interception driver.  About a week later, they unblocked the driver, so all should be well again with Vanguard/Valorant.

In May 2019, FaceIt started blocking the interception driver from being used with their anticheat client.  They claim they have seen cheats that use the driver, and they haven't been open to the possibility of whitelisting this particular use of the driver.  Please be aware that you should NOT install the interception driver if you play games such as CSGO using the FaceIt client.


Please see these instructions to uninstall the driver if the driver_uninstall.bat does not work for you